Wada Ayaka (03-12-2016) – New Book Release

03-12 radio show

From Ayaka‘s Radio Show Twitter

Ayaka seems to draw a Torii and promotes her new book!


Ayaka’s new book is now available on the webshop!

03-12 webshop

It costs 1,800 yen, and it comes with three free photos which you can choose one when you order your copy!


Lastly, Some pictures have been uploaded on her Hello! Online picboard posted by sunshine0823. I’m not too sure if they’re scans from the book itself or previews from somewhere else but they sure are pretty!

Lots of photos of Ayaka observing some art, off-shot photos, and some photos with the late Sakurai-san.

03-12 book103-12 book203-12 book303-12 book403-12 book503-12 book603-12 book703-12 book803-12 book903-12 book1003-12 book1103-12 book1203-12 book1303-12 book1403-12 book1503-12 book16

Bye bye!


Now playing: Give me Love – Morning Musume

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