Wada Ayaka (03-06-2016) – Yokohama

03-06 ayaka's blog

From Ayaka‘s blog – With Maho

Moved by Yokohama (blog post) – Ayaka mentions that their tour was in Yokohama today, which is the hometown of Aikawa Maho-chan!

Ayaka thanks all the fans who helped her celebrate her 200th live* Ayaka wonders what will happen on the day she hits her 300th live, when that day comes she wants everyone to wear cat ears!

She had lots of fun today and she said she’ll remember everyone exactly! Ayaka feels very happy facing her 200th from beginning to end with singing with the members. With some members leaving, Ayaka thinks it couldn’t have happened without them either** When they sing their first song for opening, the reality is that Ayaka is likely come to tears. Ayaka has really desperately endured over the years. She really loves the members and she really loves ANGERME. She thanks everyone whose always supported her over the years.

There was so much laughter the day where she touched moved by the fans. Ayaka thinks that it doesn’t matter in any form or location, ANGERME will always being something fun with feelings of peace and happiness all around. Ayaka herself thinks ANGERME is a really good group for the heart.

* I think that’s what is being said, I could be wrong.
** Had another hard time with this one.


03-06 akari's blog

From Akari‘s blog

Akari mentions that there was only eight of them today since Rina was out with the flu. Get well soon Rinapuu!


03-06 meimi's blog

From Meimi‘s blog

Meimi doesn’t really say a whole much but she does mention that today’s live was in Maho’s hometown.


Hello Pro Tap SR Card

03-06 SR card

Ayaka in what could be a “Coming-of-Age” outfit

I feel like I seen this card before but I’m not sure if I posted it or not. I could have missed this one somehow so here it is now!

Bye bye!


Now Playing: Otome no Gyakushuu – ANGERME


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