Shimizu Saki (03-06-2016) – Peach

03-06 saki's blog1

From Saki‘s blog

peach (blog post) – Saki wishes Momo-chan a Happy Birthday! Saki feels like Momoko is now one to join her in the same age club since she’s too old for her to handle. Saki really loves Momoko’s innocent laugh though and she hopes Momoko has fun on her bus tour!


03-06 saki's blog2

From Saki‘s blog – From Kizuki

Osaka (blog post) – Captain was with the Kenshuuseis in Osaka today. She mentions that Takemura Miu and Kanatsu Mizuki were unfortunately absent, but in the end everyone was happy. Also, Horie Kizuki gave Saki a present for White Day.

It has already been announced but the Kenshuuseis spring recital / ability diagnostic test will be on May 5th! Captai hopes for more growth by the June recital!

03-06 saki's blog3

From Saki‘s blog – Yokogawa Yumei, Dabara Ruru, Kaga Kaede, and Takase Kurumi

03-06 saki's blog4

From Saki‘s blog – Ogawa Rena and Taguchi Natsumi

03-06 saki's blog5

From Saki‘s blog – Tanimoto Ami, Niinuma Kisora, and Nomura Minami

Note: Captain shares lots of photos of Kobushi Factory, Tsubaki Factory, and the Hello Pro Kenshuuseis in her blog post! I only be posted a few of them here but please check out her post to see the rest (*^^*)!!

Bye bye!


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