Wada Ayaka (03-04-2016) – It was fun!

02-26 ayaka's blog1

From Ayaka‘s blog (02-26-2016)

It was fun! (blog post) – Today Ayaka had a recording and she says it was a lot of fun! She also mentions she went to a certain place today. During her break time, she chatted with the staff about many things like art and life values, Ayaka says that was a lot of fun too. Ayaka laughed some much today


A new L set from the webshop is now on sale!

03-04 webshop

Wada Ayaka “2016 winter” set 2

As you can see it comes with three photos and it costs 462 yen! It’s only available until May 9th, so get yours while you can!


Lastly, Ayaka shares a new SSR card with Meimi for Hello! Pro Tap!

03-04 ssr card

In their “Taiki Bansei” outfits

Bye bye!


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