Shimizu Saki (03-03-2016) – Berryz Koubou

03-03 chinami's instagram2

From Chinami‘s Instagram

Berryz Koubou (blog post) – Today was the debut day of Berryz Koubou! Captain just wants to say “Congratulations!!” But also today has been a full year since their hiatus and Captain is feeling pretty emotional, though it kinda feels longer to her.

Captain actually watched the Berryz DVD’s from one year ago and she wonders how many times she cried. Captain mentions that her mom hasn’t watched the DVD’s and has been saying that she didn’t wanna watch it until after one year!

She mentions that during the first year of their hiatus, she received lots of letters and comments on her blog which makes Captain feel very glad that Berryz lasted so very long! Working for 11 years is something that you just can’t forget and she feels nothing but happiness!


Also, many of the Berryz members have talked about Berryz Koubou today! Since I didn’t really feel like translating them all (sorry!) I’ll leave the links to their posts here!

[Chinamis Blog] – [Chinami‘s Instagram] – [Maasa‘s Blog] – [Miyabi‘s Instagram] – [Yurina‘s Blog] – [Yurina‘s Instagram]

Bye bye!

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