Wada Ayaka (03-02-2016) – Haro Sute #158

03-02 haro suteAyaka has a little segment this week episode of Haro Sute!

She says “Sugoku Shiawase” which translates to “I’m very happy” in English.
I kinda have a feeling that she did the exact same scene before but I just can’t remember when.


Ayaka and 2nd gen have their March L set now available on the webshop!

03-01 webshop

Ayaka + 2nd Gen


A magazine scan appeared on her Hello! Online picboard uploaded by sunshine0823.

03-02 magazineI’m not exactly too sure which magazine this is from but to me it looks like it might be Top Yell. The main features of this page looks to be ℃-ute and Morning Musume ’16 but ANGERME is in the top left corner, coverage from Hello! Project’s 2016 Winter Tour ~Dancing! Singing! Exciting!~


Lastly, ANGERME’s weekly Pocket Morning has been posted onto Hello! Online‘s homepage!

03-02 pocket morning 1Ayaka, of course says Haruka is the coolest member, seems like she still has that little crush she developed on Haruka during the Lilium play.

Also, Mizuki and Maho thinks that Ayaka is the coolest member! Way to go girls!

03-02 pocket morning 2
Bye bye!

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