Shimizu Saki (03-02-2016) – Dessert

03-02 saki's blog1

From Saki‘s blog – Her dessert

How old? (blog post) – When Saki finished eating her dinner, she asked for dessert! Once she got it she realized she got a spoon that’s obviously looks like it’s for children, Captain wonders if she really looks that young (lol). Captain got a good laugh from it!


03-02 saki's blog2

From Saki‘s blog – Her pass case

(°_°)✧˖° (blog post) – Saki talks about that she has received many gifts from the staff, who over the years has taken care of her. She got a mustard color pass case! Something of her member color that she’ll take everywhere, Captain calls it a great happy point! It was even handmade! Not too shabby huh?

Captain says its just so amazing and wishes she had this talent to make things herself! She feels really happy about this gift and says she’ll really cherish it! She’s very thankful!

03-02 saki's blog3

From Saki‘s blog

03-02 saki's blog4

From Saki‘s blog

Bye bye!


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