Country Girls – Koi wa Magnet (MV)

1dEPCE7181_TP1A_O_prep.pdfCountry Girls’ MV for “Koi wa Magnet” has also been uploaded onto their official YouTube yesterday (Kobushi Factory’s “Sakura Night Fever” was uploaded on the same day), and today I’ll be taking some time to share some of my thoughts and impressions I have on this song so far.

Song: At first I wasn’t too sure on how I felt about this song but after listening to it a few times over and over I feel like Koi wa Magnet is really growing on me. Once you hear this song a few times it’s not very hard to sing along with the lyrics since they’re pretty easy to follow along with and quite catchy. It’s a very lovely and soft love song.

My impression of this song kinda reminded me of a Tanpopo song, it’s not like Tanpopo had a song like this one but it’s general theme seems like something Tanpopo could have done back in their day. I also found myself really loving how they older members are the centers for this song, I feel like Risa, Momoko, and Manaka’s vocals really go nicely with this type of song. Usually the newer members are centers for Country Girls’ singles so I thought it was really nice to hear the older members.

I really like seeing Hello! Pro groups doing more of a vintage and retro themes for their singles, and I really like how Country Girls done more of 1960’s style song since in general Hello! Project, especially Country Girls, usually tends to do 1950’s style .

koi no magnet_02MV: I feel like the music video has a really nice vintage and faded feel to it. For the most part it’s like most Hello! Project MV’s, the usually close-ups and dance scenes but this music video does have very pretty scenes where the girls are sitting at a table while sipping some coffee. It kinda reminded me of Taeyeon’s scenes in Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart.”

I also thought the scenes near the end where the girls are confessing were just the cutest and reminded me of Morning Musume’s “Go Girl ~Koi no Victory” music video since they do the same there as well. Although the music video for “Koi wa Magnet” reminded me a lot of other artists music videos I still think it has the very adorable Country Girls charm to it.

koi no magnet_01Outfits: I’ve decided to split the outfit and dance section of my reviews so I can clearly talk about them. For these outfits I really like the blue dresses quite a bit and I thought it was a nice detail how all girls wear the same blue dress but yet each girl has a different style and variation of the dress. I really love Mai and Musubu’s 1960’s hairstyles and I kinda wish more of the members got one as well but everyone still looked very nice with that classic and vintage look to them.

koi no magnet_03Dance: Since this song has more of a soft and calm sound to it, the dance doesn’t look very complicated and the signature dance moves are very cute. I just have one little complaint about this dance and it’s that I just don’t really get why Manaka has a little solo dance during the dance break. I really like the instrumental for the dance break and I just don’t think Manaka’s solo dance really fit the tone of the dance, I feel like it was just put there because Manaka is the best dancer, it’s like how they add a solo dance for Hyoyeon in Girls’ Generation songs even though they don’t really need it. Besides those 20 seconds or so, I really adore this dance from start to finish.

koi no magnet_04Overall: Overall I can feel like this song is growing on me more and more with each listen, and I’m catching myself singing this song lately. I think this song is a real great one for Country Girls and right now I think I would give this song a 7.4 / 10.

I still think “Boogie Woogie LOVE” is my favorite one out of this new triple-a single but I still haven’t heard “Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~” yet so I guess I’ll just have to see which one is my most favorite once I hear that song.

Anyway I think that’s it from me today! With each MV uploaded I feel more excited for this singles release. I ordered each regular edition since I just loved the covers so much so I’m pretty excited to see which girls I get with my CD’s. With “Koi wa Magnet” I hoping to get a Risa or even Momoko card since I feel like those girls really stood out to me in this single but getting any member will be great since I really love all the super cute members of Country Girls ♡ !!

It’s release date is March 9th.
Be sure to buy / pre-order your copies to help support Country Girls with their newest triple-a single “Boogie Woogie LOVE / Koi wa Magnet / Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~” If you want to check out my reviews for the other songs the link is provided in the song title!

Here are some links to the CD’s:


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