Kobushi Factory – Sakura Night Fever (MV)

1cEPCE7191_TP1A_O_prep.pdfThe music video for Kobushi Factory’s “Sakura Night Fever” has finally been uploaded onto their official YouTube channel!

I don’t know why there was such a delay in uploading this music video and it’s kinda odd how they uploaded it after it’s release date and after Kobushi Factory got #1 on the Oricon charts, but it’s finally up now and today I’ll be taking some time to talk about some of my thoughts about this song!

Song: I find it really nice to see that Kobushi Factory gets a fun and carefree single since most of their songs are serious and full of growls, it’s nice to kinda see them do something a bit different for them.

I’ve listened to Sakura Night Fever multiple times now and I’ve come to really love this song, and I feel like this song will really grow more on me as the year goes. It’s just a fun, catchy, and uplifting song. I haven’t paid much attention to the lyrics at the beginning but after watching the MV, I found the lyrics to be quite amusing which made me smile a bit.

sakuranight_03MV: Now the MV is extremely amusing! They have Natsumi as a Sakura tree while Ayano and Rei do random fun activities near it and the tree looks a little sad and lonely, but at the end they’re all running around together. I don’t really know how Natsumi managed that with cardboard on her, but way to go Natsumi!

I really like the pretty pink lights and effects that this music video has, it does have quite a bit involved in this MV but I think it looks great and that it really makes the music video. I also really liked Rei’s “Naze ni Naze?” lines where she’s dressed up as an Enka singer. This music video is extremely amusing from start to finish! It’s a real jem and I advice everyone to check it out!

sakuranight_02Dance / Outfits: For the dance, I feel like we don’t really get to see a whole lot of it in this music video since it’s full of other amusing scenes but from what I can see I think it’s a fairly cute dance with some cute moves. I really love the moves they do when they ask “What is that? How is this?” I think it’s just so cute and I really love the scenes where you can see Sakurako doing those little movements. I’m really liking Sakurako more and more these days.

As for the outfits I really like how casual they are but with matching flower prints on their bottoms. They’re all really nice everyday spring outfits. I think my most favorite outfits are Natsumi’s and Minami’s!

sakuranight_01Overall: Overall I think I would have to say this song is my favorite one of 2016 so far! It’s no wonder it got #1, it’s just a really great and fun single! I think I would give it a 8.5 / 10! It might look low after saying that it’s my favorite song so far but there’s still a lot of 2016 left so I kinda wanna see if anything comes up that I come to like a little more (*^^*)!

It’s a bit late now to say which card I hoped to get since in the end I got the group card but it’s still a pretty nice card and it seems like my luck is group cards when it comes to Kobushi Factory (lol). I guess I’ll just have to see how my luck goes whenever their next single is release.

It’s release date was February 17th.
Even though they did pretty good on the charts, you can always still order your copies for your collection!

Here the links to the single:


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