Wada Ayaka (02-27-2016) – Kurashiki

02-27 ayaka's blog

From Ayaka‘s blog

I like Kurashiki (blog post) – Today ANGERME had their tour in Okayama. Ayaka really likes Kurashiki because the Ohara Museum of Art is there and that aesthetic area is very beautiful! She only went there once before but it was that one time she came to love it!

Now one of the Ohara Museum exhibits in Tokyo and of course she went to see it there! However Ayaka thinks you really feel the history when seeing it in Kurashiki, and you’ll get a different impression from visiting the museum. Ayaka really loves it and says it was a lot of fun!

Unfortunately this time around Ayaka didn’t have any time to play in Kurashiki but someday Ayaka wants to absolutely go there!

Ayaka thanks everyone who came to see their live in Okayama today! She dreams to have a hall live in Kurashiki someday! Ayaka was a little sad when the live came to an end but she’ll be waiting for the day she can come back.


02-27 rina's blog

From Rina‘s blog

Rina mentioned their live in Okayama today! She loved how fans were so interesting to watch with their large cheers and nice notes!


New 2L set from e-Line UP!

02-27 elineup

Wada Ayaka Kyuui Ittai Solo 2L – Part 2


02-27 radio show

From Ayaka‘s Radio Show Twitter

Ayaka talks about the Daubigny and green condition of the garden pain from a piece from the Hiroshima Museum of Art!


ANGERME from HMV Okayama‘s Twitter!

02-27 hmv

Ayaka, Akari, Rina, Mizuki, and Rikako

Bye bye!


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