Wada Ayaka (02-26-2016) – Kamiko

02-26 ayaka's blog1

From Ayaka‘s blog

Kamiko (blog post) – Ayaka was at Kamikokuryo Moe’s welcoming event! It was an event where 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen’s were split in half. Ayaka says it was a lot of fun! This time Ayaka was the administer.

Ayaka thinks Kamiko will have a bit of up hill battle but in a good way, she has been living a normal life until now. She also thinks that Kamiko is pretty pure but it’s a good place to be in Hello! Project though Ayaka thinks Kamiko can be confusing at times too. With Kamiko being in the 3rd gen, she hasn’t received the same teachings as the Hello Pro Kenshuuseis. Ayaka can be a bit strict to her but she hopes Kamiko knows that it’s not to discourage her.

Even though she’s tiny, there is many high school students in ANGERME. There was an aspect of the event where Kamiko wasn’t aware of, Ayaka thinks you can see Kamiko’s charm little by little. Ayaka thinks after a year Kamiko will become noisy and will perfectly fit in ANGERME.

With each new member joining, Ayaka says her blog has become more of a growth and child care blog (lol).


02-26 ayaka's blog2

From Ayaka‘s blog

Reservation (blog post) – Ayaka’s new book “Bijutsu de Meguru Nihon Saihakken” that releases on March 12th can now be pre-ordered on Wani Books Mail Order site! There’s only 29 days left to reserve your copy! With this pre-order you 70 people might be able to win a signed copy and some photos in the lottery!

Even though Ayaka got a lot of off-shot photos, she’s only sharing this one! Ayaka says the shooting she had today was incredibly fun and it reminded her of some summer memories from 2015. She says she enjoyed herself!


02-26 meimi's blog

From Meimi‘s blog

Meimi doesn’t really mention Ayaka but she does talk about their special visitor Sandy!


02-26 mizuki's blog1

From Mizuki‘s blog

Mizuki doesn’t really mention Ayaka either but Mizuki does share this two-shot of them!


There’s a new ANGERME item on the official webshop!

02-26 webshop

ANGERME 2016 Winter 2L set verison 2


Also, here are some bonus photos that come with Ayaka’s new book!
Some photos you can only get at certain stores.

02-25 newbook1

Seven Net Shopping

02-25 newbook2

Rokuten Books

02-25 newbook3

Tower Online

02-25 newbook4

PACA Books

02-25 newbook5

Wani Books Mail Order



Lastly, for ANGERME‘s 21st single there will be three regular editions and three limited editions which mostly likely means that their new single will be another triple-a one!

Bye bye!

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