Country Girls – Boogie Woogie LOVE (MV)

1dEPCE7179_TP1A_O_prep.pdfIt’s been a few days now since the MV for one Country Girls’ newest singles has been uploaded onto their official YouTube channel, I finally have some spare time to write a small review on what I think about this new song of theirs!

Song: I have listened to the song a few times now from watching the preview on last week’s Haro Sute I think and from the watching the full MV. This song isn’t taking that long at all for me to really like and enjoy it. I’m still extremely happy to finally see Musubu debut and to see hear her get quite a few great lines just makes me even more happier! I’ve been rooting this girl for so long now that even though this is only her first single she already seems so grown up!

I really love the American 1950’s retro theme this song has as a whole. Country Girls seems to be really about vintage type songs, I think it suits them quite well though and I’m actually hoping they do more as well!

Whenever I hear this song, for some reason Morning Musume’s “Chance Chance Boogie” gets stuck in my head rather than Boogie Woogie LOVE. Maybe because they both kinda have a similar theme and they both have the Boogie in their titles (lol).

BoogieWoogie_01MV: The music video for this song seems to match the song extremely well! It looks to be a really nice looking 1950’s American Diner with retro furniture and decors, plus the black and white tile floor! There’s one thing that I find pretty cute is the license plate during the title screen that says “Oklahoma is Ok!” for some reason it made me smile when I first seen it!

The scenes where the girls look pretty serious and dramatic with their huge lollipops were pretty cute too! No matter how serious Country Girls try to look, I just think they’re just too adorable!

BoogieWoogie_03.pngDance / Outfits: I think the dance is pretty good and fits the song pretty well too! I mean there’s quite a bit of retro and old moves likes swings and twists involved in their choreography which really makes this dance. Also, the signature move where they do those little kicks are pretty cool too! I’m a bit surprised to see no “Gomen ne” poses anyway in this dance but maybe we’ll see it again in the other songs (lol).

As for the outfits I really like them too! I mention this when I posted the covers and their new profile pictures but I really like how the veteran members Momoko, Risa, and Manaka have the green dresses, the newbie members Chisaki and Mai have the red dresses, and that the new members have the yellow dresses. I think it’s a really good way to split and display the members. For all those people who miss Uta still, I’m sure she would would have had a red dress too (*^^*)!

BoogieWoogie_02Overall: Overall I am really digging this song so far and it actually didn’t take me very long. The mature vocals for this song are just so great and it makes me love this song. I think I would have to give this song a 8.3 / 10.

I would have to say Boogie Woogie LOVE is my second favorite singe of 2016 so far, I mean there’s still a lot of time left in 2016 but from what I can see so far in Hello! Project, Boogie Woogie LOVE is really good!

1cEPCE7173_FH1A_H1-4_prep.pdfI haven’t yet ordered my copies yet but I hope to do so soon! From when the first time I seen the covers I just knew I had to pre-order all three regular editions and that is my plan. I really love all the outfits for Country Girls’ newest single so I kinda want a trading card with each outfit. With Boogie Woogie LOVE I’m hoping to get Musubu, Chisaki, or Manaka. In general getting anybody would be just okay since I really love these colorful poodle dresses!

It’s release date is March 9th!
Please help to support Country Girls with their newest single “Boogie Woogie LOVE / Koi wa Magnet / Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~” by pre-ordering your copies!

Here are some links for the CD’s!

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