Wada Ayaka (02-24-2016) – Warmness of the Heart


Ayaka with Sakurai Takamasa

My Heart is Warm (blog post) – Yesterday Ayaka went to a gathering to bid farewell to Sakurai Takamasa. From his sudden news of death from last year, Ayaka got a chance to attend his wake. She talked about some memories she had with him along with some other people who was close to Sakurai-san. What he taught Ayaka, she says it was been performed.

Ayaka was involved with Sakurai-san quite bit from their art relationship to the J-pop culture, there was also new things Ayaka learned about him yesterday. He was really doing a great thing. He was very loved by being surrounded by his family and friends that inherited his strong intention.

Yesterday Ayaka was able to met with everyone who worked with Sakurai-san. This for Ayaka, she wants to inherit his intention of art. She’s very happy to met with Sakurai-san many times. Talking with everyone yesterday she felt like she was talking to Sakurai-san.

Ayaka was told that his friends heard many stories about her from Sakurai-san. She was surprised to hear this but also very happy. Talking with everyone, Ayaka had a warm feeling by the time she went home. She cherishes all the moments she had with Sakurai-san, and she had a wonderful time today. Ayaka thanks Sakurai-san.

She says it’s a bit different from what she usually talks about but there are times where Sakurai-san visits Ayaka in her dreams, she likes to think that he’s there to say that he’s always watching her.


RH&FT (blog post) – Today there was a rehearsal and costume arrangement for ANGERME’s new song! The new song has it’s version updated from the temporary one and Ayaka says it has a really good feeling to it! She thinks it has such a perfect feeling for ANGERME, and she’s looking forward to the shooting! She’s feeling pretty excited.

Ayaka was told that her costumes coat was fashionable. Though Ayaka doesn’t have much of an interest in fashion she is pretty fascinated by some outfits like some from VOGUE.

Ayaka thinks the costumes for the new some are super cute and cool! She hopes everyone is looking forward to the new song, she really wants to sing it soon!

Ayaka was able to deliver a surprise video for Kobushi Factory’s Nomura Minami’s birthday event! Ayaka was pretty happy to it!


Lastly, ANGERME’s weekly Pocket Morning has been posted on Hello! Online‘s homepage!

02-24 pocket morning
2nd gen are pretty amusing to watch, can’t blame Ayaka for watching them. I like watching what they do too!

Bye bye!


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