Wada Ayaka (02-22-2016) – Meow!

02-22 ayaka's blog1

From Ayaka‘s blog – Her cat

222 (blog post) – Ayaka meows quite a bit and shares some pictures of her cat Toranosuke! Ayaka also mentions that there was a recording today and that it was very fun!

02-22 ayaka's blog2

From Ayaka‘s blog

02-22 ayaka's blog3

From Ayaka‘s blog


02-22 akari's blog1

From Akari‘s blog – Yesterday’s snowball fight

Akari mentions ANGERME’s snowball fight yesterday! She says it was a lot of fun and that she just really loves ANGERME!

02-22 akari's blog2

From Akari‘s blog


02-22 ayaka

Not too sure where this photo is from but it’s probably from a promotion Ayaka had to do, and someone in this photo shared this photo.

Bye bye!

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