Shimizu Saki (02-22-2016) – Day of the Cats!

02-22 saki's blog

From Saki‘s blog – Peace!

Meow (blog post) – Captain thanks everyone who views and comments on her blog!

Captain has heard that today, February 22nd, is the day of cats!


5000 (blog post) – Celebration! Captain has updated her blog 5000 times! She feels quite blissful! 5000 times over five years, it’s like 1000 posts each year!

She doesn’t really think of the words she might have said over the years and it doesn’t seem like much but Captain really feels the greatness of her blog!

From now on Captain’s posts go up at her own pace!


I’m not too sure where this photo came from but it looks to be the same as the ones Kae-chan shared of Captain yesterday. I just can’t really find her blog or twitter (if anyone knows please let me know!)

02-22 saki

Bye bye!

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