Wada Ayaka (02-21-2016) – Snowball Fight! + Magazine Scans

02-21 ayaka's blog1

From Ayaka‘s blog – Everyone in the snow!

I love Otaru (blog post) – Today ANGERME had their spring tour in Otaru! Since Otaru got a lot of snow last week, Ayaka couldn’t wait to go there. While they had some free time, everyone had a snowball fight. Ayaka says it was extremely fun!!

Since Ayaka was prepared and brought some gloves for the snow, she was real strong in the snowball fight!

She says the live also fun! Someday Ayaka hopes to do a preform at hall in Hokkaido, that’s a dream of hers. Ayaka thinks going to Hokkaido is the really the best, she’s looking forward to the future! She loves Otaru!

Everyone told Ayaka that they would like to come to Otaru during their private time. She didn’t get to eat Imomochi but it was still really fun! Ayaka wishes she can sing all the time with the members!

02-21 ayaka's blog2

From Ayaka‘s blog – Their prints!


02-21 kana's blog1

From Kana‘s blog – ANGERME

Kana mentions their snowball fight during their break, but they had a bit of an audience so she thought it was a little embarrassing!

02-21 kana's blog2

From Kana‘s blog

02-21 kana's blog3

From Kana‘s blog


02-21 rina's blog1

From Rina‘s blog

With some preparation, Rina mentions that they tried to be the 6-nin S/mileage again! They played lots in the snow! Rina also mentions that was a bit disappointing since Maho didn’t participate with everyone so Rina hopes to try again with everyone!

02-21 rina's blog2

From Rina‘s blog

02-21 rina's blog3

From Rina‘s blog


02-21 meimi's blog

From Meimi‘s blog

While playing in the snow, Meimi secretly wrote “Thank you ANGERME” in the snow. She wonders if anyone noticed! She wanted to write more but she hand was already freezing. Meimi really loves ANGERME!

02-21 meimi's blog2

From Meimi‘s blog


02-21 mizuki's blog

From Mizuki‘s blog

Mizuki mentions while waiting in town, they ended up having a snowball fight which Mizuki was looking forward to! One thing that Mizuki regrets is not wearing the right clothes for a snowball fight, she was freezing!


02-21 moe's blog

From Moe‘s blog

Since Moe hasn’t done a snowball fight in about 5-6 years, she had a great time having one with her seniors!


Lastly, some magazine scans have appeared on Ayaka’s picboard on Hello! Online by sunshine0823! Ayaka is with all the other group leaders of Hello! Project (minus Yamagishi Riko).

02-21 magazine102-21 magazine2

Bye bye!

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