Shimizu Saki (02-20-2016) – Image Change

02-20 saki's blog1

From Saki‘s blog – New hair color!

change (blog post) – Saki changed her hair color at spica today!

Her first photo is a lie, since her hair was in the middle stage. She asks if anyone was surprised to see that it was so bleached.

Here is the completed photo (third photo)!

Since it’s almost spring Saki felt like getting a little image change! She tried to change it back to her usual atmosphere. In the last moments her hair was ironed and moisturized by akemi-san! Saki really likes how straight her hair looks! She was also kinda shocked on how silky it was!

Saki thanks akemi-san!

02-20 saki's blog2

From Saki‘s blog

02-20 saki's blog3

From Saki‘s blog


I’m not sure where these photos came from but they must be from someone at spica! Since Captain is with her new hair! If anyone knows who she’s with, free feel to let me know!

02-20 saki102-20 saki202-20 saki3

Bye bye!


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