Wada Ayaka (02-19-2016) – Harajuku

02-19 ayaka's blog

From Ayaka‘s blog – Her Teddy Bear

Bear (blog post) – Today Ayaka played with some friends. They wondered where to play and after a long time Ayaka visited Harajuku. Ayaka wasn’t walked around Harajuku in about two years, it was a lot of fun for her. And since she was with her cute friends, she really had a ball today.

Her friends made her get this bear and she wore it attached to her scarf.


Ayaka appeared on Rina‘s blog

02-19 rina's blog

From Rina‘s blog – ANGERME live

Rina mentions that the Hina Fest tickets go on sale today! Because which day the setlist and group premium are different, she cautions everyone to make sure they get the tickets properly! Rina doesn’t mention Ayaka but she does share a group photo of ANGERME during one of their live shows!


She also appeared on Nakajima Saki‘s blog

02-19 saki's blog

From Saki‘s blog – Two-shot with Ayaka

Nakky shares some photos with various Hello! Pro members backstage from when they were in Sendai!


A Hine Fest video was uploaded today to help the shuffle and solo units to choose their unit names!

Colonial Hamachan named Ayaka “Wada ☆ Bodhisattva ☆ Ayaka” Colonial Hamachan wants everyone to be serious and think of cool names for their sub-units and if they don’t they get stuck with the ones she gave them, Kamiko at the end reminds the soloists that they don’t need a name besides their own.

The website is updated with the stage design for this concert! It’s a pretty cool formation so it’s worth checking out the site for more information!

Here are some screenshots of Ayaka with other members!

02-19 hinafest102-19 hinafest202-19 hinafest3

It’s a pretty cute and funny video so it’s definitely worth checking out!
Also, Ayaka and with Ogawa Rena were a pretty cute combo!


Lastly, ANGERME’s weekly Pocket Morning has been posted on Hello! Online‘s homepage!

02-18 pocketmorning

It’s very sweet how Ayaka wants to play with everyone in ANGERME while viewing cherry blossoms! I can understand why, ANGERME can be pretty loud!

Bye bye!

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