Shimizu Saki (02-19-2016) – Mama

02-19 saki's blog1

From Saki‘s blog – Her supper

mama (blog post) – Yesterday Saki went out to dinner with her mom. They had white rice with some tasty side dishes. At this place, Saki and Chinami use to come here after work so Saki felt pretty nostalgic going there after a long time.


02-19 saki's blog2

From Saki‘s blog – Chinami!

Tokunaga-chan (blog post) – Saki chatted with Chinami over the phone for over an hour today, they talked lots!

Saki thinks that when you’re using English, you get stumped a few times and Japanese just comes out in the middle of the story. Though it didn’t come from lack of vocabulary! Saki thought that was pretty amazing. A lot of words came out, Saki’s English surely grown! Chinami is well as ever!


Saki also appeared on Chinami‘s blog

02-19 chinami's blog

From Chinami‘s blog – Shimizu!

Chinami mentions her phone call with Saki and says she’s doing quite well!

Bye bye!


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