Shimizu Saki (02-15-2016) – Pistachios

02-15 saki's blog

From Saki‘s blog – pistachios

want (blog post) – Recently Captain has been eating lots of hot pot dishes, skipping the cooking feeling. Though she thinks its still healthy since there’s lots of vegetables in hot pot dishes! The women in the Shimizu household really love hot pot dishes.

Also, Captain mentions that she hasn’t made any valentine treats this year. She’s 24 now, plus she only really did it to exchange with the Berryz Koubou members but now it would seem useless to make treats.

It was about this time last where Momoko wasn’t able to attend the Hello Con in Osaka, and also looking back, Captain remembers that was eating pistachios in between rehearsals on Feb 13th. Captain can still remember eating pistachios while laughing with everyone in Berryz Koubou!

With this little back story, Captain wonders if anyone thinks it was an amazing food story?

Bye bye!


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