Wada Ayaka (02-13-2016) – Hiroshima Museum of Art

02-13 ayaka's blog

From Ayaka‘s blog – Happy Valentine

Saga (blog post) – Today the spring tour was down in Saga! Ayaka says it was really fun! When she was singing, she hopes that you think that it was okay. It is was so fun, and she says everyday is so peaceful. Happy Valentines!


Hiroshima Museum of Art (blog post) – Yesterday Ayacho went from Saga to Hiroshima which took about the day, and in the early she went to the Hiroshima Museum of Art. Ayaka walked alone in the Hiroshima’s town, if you haven’t known she says it’s a lot of fun to walk about. Expect that she went to wrong way, she ended up at a shrine instead.

While being there though she found her way to the museum and it to be an unique view of the world that can’t be put into poetry. When she first saw this, she received a bit of a dark impression. The Societe Nouvelle in Japan was quite good to see it’s first exhibit, because Ayaka likes Manet she like looking at other impressionists art. There was quite a collection at the Hiroshima Museum of Art and she says it was a lot of fun. Ayaka mentions that there was even a Van Gogh piece! Ayaka hopes if you have time that everyone will go check it out!


Ayaka appeared on Akari‘s blog!

02-13 akari's blog

From Akari‘s blog – All of ANGERME

Akari mentions that the day after the tomorrow, on February 15th. Akari, Ayaka, and Rina will be on a talk show in the Aeon Mall Fukuoka! By all means, Akari hopes people will come to play!


Ayaka also appeared on Meimi‘s blog!

02-13 meimi's blog

From Meimi‘s blog

Meimi mentions that while brushing her teeth before a Hello Con she told Ayaka that it hurted when she hit her double tooth, Ayaka agreed with her that it hurts when hitting her double tooth too. Meimi thinks that they worried about each other at the same time.

Also, Meimi went on an odyssey with Ayaka yesterday and she says it was a real nail-biter! Meimi says it was real interesting and that she cried many times in her head. Since Ayaka seems to hate loneliness Meimi heard she was scared many times.

But now they are okay and comfortable.


Lastly, Ayaka has a new radio show photo!

02-13 twitter

From Ayaka‘s Radio Show Twitter

At the Bunkamura Museum which is until March 6th. The “Liverpool National Museum of Fine British Dream Pre-Raphaelite Exhibition” and Ayaka drew the “Beautiful Women!?”

Bye bye!

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