Shimizu Saki (02-13-2016) – The 5 New Kenshuusei Members

02-13 saki's blog1

From Saki‘s blog – Noguchi Kurumi

First Day (blog post) – Today was the first day of the Kenshuusei recital “SINGING~”

Captain thought it was a very good first day! It’s nice to relax with everyone who have been sparkling! Captain says it was so fun!

Also, it was the first stage for the 5 new Kenshuusei members which they did their self-introduction! Sakiko-chan gave Captain a valentine today.

Captain took the photos in their order! The next picture is Kobushi Factory’s Inoue Rei who was lined up with the others. Captain thought it was cute! To due those of you who have time the next recitial is on the 28th in Nagoya, then after that it’s in Osaka on March 6th!

02-13 saki's blog2

From Saki‘s blog – Ono Kotomi

02-13 saki's blog3

From Saki‘s blog – Kodama Sakiko

02-13 saki's blog4

From Saki‘s blog – Her Valentine’s from Sakiko

02-13 saki's blog5

From Saki‘s blog – Yonemura Kirara

02-13 saki's blog6

From Saki‘s blog – Kiyono Momohime

02-13 saki's blog7

From Saki‘s blog – Kobushi Factory’s Inoue Rei!


5th Anniversary (blog post) – Opayo!

It’s been five years since Captain started her blog! Captain thanks everyone who views her blog and gives her comments!

After Berryz Koubou’s activities has stopped, the connection to Captain is only through this blog. Although Captain can be sometimes on one of their YouTube programs, but lately she’s been pretty hooked to her blog. She thinks it’s an important place!

Soon Captain hopes to have 5000 posts! She thinks connecting with everyone is so fun! It really makes Captain happy! Captain thinks she might be a bit bland (she says she knows this herself) but she thanks everyone for keeping her company! Captain is really looking forward from hearing from everyone ♡!

Bye bye!

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