Wada Ayaka (02-11-2016) – Happy Birthday Minami!

02-11 ayaka's blog1

From Ayaka‘s blog – With Nomura Minami

MinaMina (blog post) – Ayaka mentions that yesterday was Kobushi Factory’s Nomura Minami’s birthday! She congratulates Minami! Ayaka also mentions that MinaMina really likes her and Ayaka thinks it’s so cute! One of Ayaka’s dreams is to sing together just with Minami, and someday she hopes it comes true!

It’s been a little over a year since Ayaka described when they played together, soon she hopes to make plans though there isn’t right now. Recently when Minami went to get her Goshuin, she emailed Ayaka right away, Ayaka felt extremely happy!

Once when everyone was on the bus at their usual pace, Ayaka ended up not talking so much. Once again, Ayaka wishes Minami a happy birthday!

Today there was a Hello Con in Hiroshima, and Ayaka took a two-shot with Wada Sakurko from Kobushi Factory. The Wada x Wada duo!

02-11 ayaka's blog2

From Ayaka‘s blog – With Sakurako


Ayaka also appeared on Kana‘s blog!

02-11 kana's blog

From Kana‘s blog – Two-shot with Ayacho

Kana shares a two-shot with Ayaka!

Recently, when Kana couldn’t sleep she chatted with Ayaka. Who ended up giving Kana presents of decaf herbal tea. Kana was so happy and she says Ayaka is so kind! Kana thanks Wada-cho!

Bye bye!

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