Wada Ayaka (02-09-2016) – New Book!

02-08 aika

From Aika‘s Facebook status

Yesterday, Aika shares an older picture of her some ANGERME members on UP-FRONT LINK‘s Facebook page!

Aika just mentions that ANGERME’s new tour has just started and will be a memorable one for sure with it being the first for Kamikokuryo Moe and the last for Tamura Meimi!


Second series of Art (blog post) – I think what Dawa is saying today is that there will be a series 2 to follow her book she published already! It’s to be released on March 12th! The title (in English) is something “Rediscovering Japan~Ukiyo-e ・Japanese paintings and art of the Buddha statue”

Ayaka felt a little anxious about Japanese art since there are still things that she doesn’t but she was able to re-discover the new Japan charm she didn’t really notice in art until now. This time, the center of the book will be Ukiyo-e!

Ayaka is very happy to be able to continue to form another book. Ayaka says it was a really nice project and that the shooting was really fun. This time she says there will be a large amount of pictures included and hopes everyone will stayed tuned for it!

Ayaka also mentions that with this book, there won’t be Sakurai-san to get a look at the lines in the bookstore, but she thinks he would have be pleased with her!

Along with this book, Ayaka hopes to help people rediscover Japan! She thanks everyone with have helped her to make this second book!

*Congratulations to Ayaka and her new upcoming art book!


Ayaka and Moe also appeared on Yajima Maimi‘s blog!

02-09 maimi's blog

From Maimi‘s blog

Maimi mentions that she had a recording with ANGERME’s Wada Ayaka and Kamikokuryo Moe on her radio show today! ANGERME’s leader and new member combo!

Maimi also kinda mentions even the leader doesn’t know so much about Moe quite yet. Ayaka also talked about how much she loves Buddha! The radio show will be broadcast on February 16th!


Lastly, Ayaka has a new SSR card on Hello Pro Tap to celebration Valentines Day!

02-09 ssr card

Ayaka in her 2016 WINTER tour outfit

I think the card is very cute with Ayaka holding some Valentines Day treats for someone lucky!

Bye bye!

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