Wada Ayaka (02-07-2016) – First Day of the Spring Tour + New e-Line UP Goods!

02-07 moe's blog

From Moe‘s blog – Two-shot with Ayacho!

Ayacho appeared on Moe‘s blog!

Moe mentions that today’s tour was in Ayaka’s and Meimi’s hometown! She also mentions that Ayaka brought over some local strawberries, Moe says they were really delicious and it was her first time to eat such large starwberries.


First day in Takasaki (blog post) – Today was ANGERME’s first day of their spring tour which was in Takasaki! Ayacho got to sing a solo song! A song that she really loves!
The intro of the song, Ayacho was extremely happy to sing this song on stage and she hopes everyone has seen her happy face.

This solo was a bit personal for her, she feels like she was singing along with the original members. Ayacho thinks it was incredibly fun!

Also, Ayacho mentions that this was the first live alone with the new 9-nin ANGERME. This was a first for Kamikokuyro Moe! Ayacho mentions that she still has quite a bit to do today but she’s glad to have this me time and space to enjoy

Ayaka was told that the new nine gives off a new atmosphere. Not only has to the members have changed but Ayaka aims for their own evolution. She’s glad that the fans enjoy such evolution and change!

ANGERME has started a new system and she wants their new goal is also be visible. Ayaka hopes to build a shape with this nine quickly.

Their first tour day was done safely. Ayaka says although there’s only a short time left with this nine, she hopes everyone will find them to be somewhat complete throughout this tour, she hopes for everyone’s patients and hopes everyone will enjoy their time as they tour around the country. Ayaka is also quite happy to have a hall tour in Gunma (her hometown).

p.s. She sang “Ano Hi ni Modoritai” sung by Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa!


Also, the Kyuui Ittai tour goods are now up for sale on e-Line UP!

02-07 elineup1

ANGERME Group t-shirt

02-07 elineup2

ANGERME Group L set

02-07 elineup3

ANGERME Collection photos

02-07 elineup4

Wada Ayaka 2L set

02-07 elineup5

Wada Ayaka solo t-shirt

02-07 elineup6

Wada Ayaka solo muffler towel

I think some of the new goods are pretty lame but I think I still might buy a few things like Dawa’s 2L set for sure and maybe some collection photos and maybe the L set but I’m not too certain yet.

Bye bye!


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