Shimizu Saki (02-07-2016) – Happy Birthday Maimi & Mai!

02-07 saki's blog 1

From Saki‘s blog – various two-shots with Maimi

MAiMi (blog post) – Captain congratulates Maimi on turning 24!

Captain was planning to get some food later on but realize she can’t due to some circumstance, but soon she wants to get her revenge! Captain wanted to get some pancakes since Maimi mentioned them in her blog before, and it was her who contacted Captain and said “I want to eat with Saki!!” Captain wanted to go since she realized she didn’t eat yet.

As you may seen before in her blog, Maimi does diving, Saki also wants to go together with Maimi some time! Captain thinks it would be such an adult journey. Since their moms are good friends with each other as well, Captain thinks maybe all four them can go somewhere.

Captain shares another picture and memory of her and Maimi.

02-07 saki's blog 2

From Saki‘s blog – old rehearsal photos with Maimi


02-07 saki's blog 3

From Saki‘s blog – various two-shots with Mai

MAI (blog post) – Captain congratulates Mai on turning 20!

“You wouldn’t want to turn 20-years-old when you really think about it, because once you turn 20, tada you’re 30!” Mai said nonchalantly and Captain doesn’t have this youth appeal! Captain will be turning 25 this year, and the next jump is 30. Captain thinks Mai-chan was right.

Captain met Mai when she was just a fool at a kindergarten graduation, and now she is 20. Captain exclaims that this is a really deep thought. But there has been much happiness in this nice long friendship with irresistible joy! Everyone that were KIDS are now adults. Captain wants to have everyone gathered and go “Kanpai”!


Saki is also mentioned on Chinami‘s Instagram!

02-07 chinami's instagram

From Chinami‘s Instagram – Chinami, Saki, and Miyabi

Chinami just mentions she ate Thai food over where she is! At the time of this photo they drank about four cups on their first day!


Lastly, Saki also appeared on Aika‘s blog!

02-07 aika's blog

From Aika‘s blog

Aika doesn’t really mention Saki but she appears in one of her photos! Aika just wishes Maimi and Mai a very happy birthday!

Bye bye!


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