Wada Ayaka (02-06-2016) – Sendai

02-06 dawa's blog 1

From Ayaka‘s blog – Happy Birthday Nakky, Maimai, and Maimi!

Sendai (blog post) – Today there was Hello Concerts in Sendai!

In the dressing rooms, they had birthday party for Nakajima Saki (02-05), Yajima Maimi (02-07), and Hagiwara Mai (02-07)!

Dawa congratulates them on their birthdays! She mentions that the photos were so cute she posted two! She also took a picture with the cute 3rd gen!

Tomorrow is the  first day of their spring tour! She hopes people will look forward to it!

02-06 dawa's blog 2

From Ayaka‘s blog – Same picture as above but edited by her

02-06 dawa's blog 3

From Ayaka‘s blog – with the 3rd gen


She also got a new photo from her Radio Show’s twitter!

02-06 dawa's twitter

From Ayaka‘s Radio Show Twitter

Dawa talks about the art exhibits she visited which one of them was the Murakami Takashi exhibit which is view-able until March 6th!


Lastly, I’m not too sure on where this photo comes from but I’ll share it here anyway!

02-06 valentinesThere are also some other Hello! Pro members Valentines floating around so I’m sure you’ll be able to find your oshis too!

Bye bye!


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