Wada Ayaka (02-05-2016) – Upcoming Tour Goods


BS-TBS 15th Anniversary Cool Japan Dou DVD

There’s a new “BS-TBS 15th Anniversary Cool Japan Dou” DVD coming out soon on e-line up that features ANGERME, Morning Musume ’16, plus some other various Hello! Pro acts!

It seems to be another DVD where it features the girls as characters from their plays.

02-05 lilium———

Also, some flyers for ANGERME’s upcoming tour goods “Kyuui Ittai” have been posted on the news section of e-line up!

02-05 kyuui ittai preview102-05 kyuui ittai preview2The tour so far as the usual good, lame t-shirts (thanks to Cool Hello), a 2L set for each member, muffler towels, collection photos, and daily A5 photos. Though it seems that Kamikokuryo Moe’s member color is teal! It looks to be the same as Sato Masaki’s! Which is a bit surprising for me since I thought she might get like lavender.

Bye bye!

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