Shimizu Saki (02-05-2016) – Happy Birthday Nakky!

02-05 saki's blog

From Saki‘s blog – Two-shots with Nakajima Saki

hello! (blog post) – Captain watched a Berryz behind-the-scenes concert that she likes quite a bit. Speaking of this, Captain wonders how everyone feels when they watch the girls aren’t being professional. She also mentions how it’s really interesting to watch a Berryz DVD magazine.

Captain still wasn’t watched the final Berryz Koubou concert, though her mom has seen it. She thinks she doesn’t want to watch it cause she knows she’ll cry, one year is just too soon, maybe she’ll watch it after another year. There will be spots where she’ll cry every time.

She was very happy to hear everyone’s favorite part! She thanks everyone for letting her know!

Today is Nakajima Saki’s birthday!
Since the time they entered KIDS, there always has been two “Saki’s” and Captain kinda misses the times where they would call them “3 Saki, 5 Saki” due to their grade levels at the time.

Captain hopes that Nakky will have a wonderful year!


02-05 saki's blog 2

From Saki‘s blog – Her dinner date

Happy time (blog post) – After work today, Captain went out for food with Mai! Captain thinks it’s really nice to have a friendship where they can talk about anything. She thanks Mai for having that presence to her, and giving her relief and reassurance.

Mai will be turning 20 in two days, Captain comments on how the youngest KIDS will now be an adult! Finally, the day has come! It’s a bit surprising.

02-05 saki's blog 3

From Saki‘s blog

02-05 saki's blog 4

From Saki‘s blog


Mai also mentioned Captain in her blog!

02-05 saki's blog 5

From Mai‘s blog

Mai says during the night she met up with Captain, who she loves dearly. She mentions it was a short time but it was still very fun and such a relief.

02-05 saki's blog 6

From Mai‘s blog

Bye bye!

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