Wada Ayaka (02-03-2016) – Rehearsal + Magazine Scans

01-23 maho's blog

From Maho‘s blog (01-23-2016)

Grilled Shabu (blog post) – Ayaka mentions that they had a rehearsal for their spring tour today! She also mentions that this was the first time she was able to do a lot in rehearsal. With opportunity from their teacher, a peace of mind and a level up is what you’ll be greeted with on the first day on the tour!

After their rehearsal, all the members will be having a showdown on the program on Space Shower TV Plus with the show called “ANGERME Special Joint ~A New Start~ The winning would be able to some roast! Ayaka ended up eating some roast with the staff since the winner’s were Rina and Rikako! Akari also went with Ayaka.

Ayaka mentions that it was still a lot of fun! This was her first time eating grilled shabu, and she says it’s amazingly delicious! She hasn’t had this good of meat in a few years so she feels like her stomach is sagging. Ayaka keeps mentioning that the meat was so delicious!

Ayaka was told that the staff-san is a meat master! She thanks them for the meal!


Also, here are some older magazine scans that I haven’t shared yet!
All found on Ayaka’s picboard on Hello! Online, uploaded by sunshine0823!

02-03 magazine1

02-03 magazine202-03 magazine302-03 magazine4

Not too sure on which magazine these scans come from, if anyone knows please feel free to let me know!


Lastly, this week’s Pocket Morning Q&A has been posted on Hello! Online.

02-03 pocket morningAyaka is pretty vague with this answer. Has she been praised that she’s good in general, or is it one of talents good? I’m not totally sure (lol).

Bye bye!


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