Wada Ayaka (02-02-2016) – New Single Announcement + New Webshop photo!

02-02 ayaka's blog

From Ayaka‘s blog

NEW SINGLE (blog post) – Ayaka announces that ANGERME’s next new song will go on sale on April 27th! This will be the first single as the new nine!

It has been one year since they’ve become ANGERME. For Ayaka it’s been initially pleasure and pain together with the other two generations. For the time being they’re still powerful with a rookie. Ayaka thinks ANGERME has been resulting with cute kids since the 3rd gen came around.

Since Kamikokuryo Moe came in from the audition, Ayaka wants everyone to please look forward to her involvement within ANGERME.

Ayaka mentions that the picture is from when the new nine was just fresh!


It begins, the feast of beauty (blog post) – Ayaka went to another art exhibition. This one was called “It begins, the feast of beauty exhibition Wonderful Ohara Museum of Art Collection” which initially was in Kurashiki (Okayama Prefecture), but Ayaka was able to seen it in Tokyo which made her very happy. She mentions that there is a lot in this collection, and it’s one of her most favorite museums!

There was a lot of works starting from ancient Western, modern Japanese, and other modern works. Ayaka really hopes that if you have never went to this exhibition, that you go before the exhibition is over!

There is also works from Yanagi Miwa that she was very happy to observe. Ayaka also bought some souvenirs from the exhibition as fast as she could since they were so cute! Ayaka’s very excited to have them!


Also, Ayaka appeared on Yajima Maimi‘s blog!

01-13 maimi's blog

From Maimis blog

Maimi mentions the next guest on her radio show is Ayacho and Moe-chan! The leader and new member combination! If you have anything to ask any of the three of them, Maimi hopes everyone will send an email! Maimi also shares some previous posted pictures of her and Ayaka!

01-22 maimi's blog

From Maimi‘s blog


Lastly, some new photos are available to order from the webshop!

02-01 webshop photos

Wada Ayaka + 2nd Generation 2016 FEBRUARY L-set A

Bye bye!

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