Wada Ayaka (01-30-2016) – New Radio Show Photo!

01-30 ayaka's twitter

From Ayaka‘s Radio Show Twitter

Ayaka has a new photo from radio show’s twitter page! Ayaka just draws herself with her new haircut!


Ayaka also appeared on Rina‘s blog!

01-30 rina's blog

From Rina‘s blog – Ayaka is the blurry one (lol)!

Rina mostly just talks about their rehearsal. Tomorrow there’s a Hello Con in Fukouka!


01-22 live4

ANGERME performing “Tomo yo” during the H!P 2016 Winter Tour!

It’s been rumored that ANGERME will release their 21st single on April 6th!
This will be the first single to feature 4th generation member Kamikokuryo Moe, and the last single for 2nd generation member Tamura Meimi!

Bye bye!
p.s. Sorry everyone for the late posts! There was a bad snow storm here and I didn’t have power for almost 24 hours! It’s back now so I’m back to posting!


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