Wada Ayaka (01-29-2016) – Many Art Exhibit Visits!

01-29 dawa's blog

From Ayaka‘s blog – PRADO Exhibit

PRADO (blog post) – Today Ayacho went to the Prado Museum Exhibit. This was her second time going! The first time she went with her sister but the greatness was distrubed since she didn’t wanna look slowly. So she just went herself.

There were lots of small works. Ayaka never seen so many little pieces before. She says it was very fun looking precisely to the paintings, though the paintings were small, they were free of judgement.

Ayacho really gets into detail about the painter, she says it was lots of fun looking around.

The exhibit is until January 31st. There’s only two days left of this exhibit so Ayaka advises everyone to see it quickly!


01-29 dawa's blog2

From Ayaka‘s blog – Takashi Murakami’s Five Hundred View Exhibit!

Takashi Murakami’s Five Hundred View Exhibit! (blog post) – Ayaka mentions her previous post and advises everyone to read it first before reading this post!

Because Ayaka finished a test at school, she relaxed by just going to a museum. So it gives her lots to blog about. Quite a bit ago, she went to Takashi Murakami’s Five Hundred View Exhibition. She says this exhibition was quite fun too.

There was other works too that including some documents which were really fun for her too. She thinks this is a great story for her radio show so she hopes everyone looks forward to it sometime! It was okay to take a photo so she’s putting it on her blog!


Vermeer and Rembrandt (blog post) – Ayaka went to another art exhibit! This one was a Vermeer and Rembrandt exhibit! Her impression of the artist really changed since looking at this exhibit!

At the next Hello Concert, Ayaka wants to share her museum visit stories with SharanQ’s Makoto.


P.R.B. (blog post) – Another exhibit Dawa visited was the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition in Bunkamura. She thought everything was so beautiful and must have had some symbolic meaning. There was four in which she really liked. This exhibit is until March 6th, Dawa advices everyone to check it out as well! Since it’s until March, Dawa really wants to go again!


Stepping a bit away from Art, Ayaka has a new SR card on the Hello! Pro Tap game!

01-29 newcard

Wada Ayaka – Taiki Bansei outfit


Lastly, ANGERME’s Pocket Morning has been published on Hello! Online‘s homepage!

01-28 pocketmorningIt doesn’t seem that she’s very picky, she just eat things that she likes (lol)!

Bye bye!
p.s. Her Art blog posts really killed me and took me like all day to do. I’m not even sure I did a good job or not, I just generally paraphrased these posts since she does go in a bit of detail with the exhibitions so if you would like more information on these exhibitions, be sure to check out blog-project’s translation or even google and search up the exhibitions yourself (*^^*)!


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