Shimizu Saki (01-29-2016) – Guri and Gura!

01-29 saki's blog

From Saki‘s blog – Fukuda Kanon!

Sensei (blog post) – Yesterday, Fukuda Kanon, who wrote the lyrics for Ciao Bella’s Cinquetti “Doshiyou, Watashi” was a guest at the release event. This was the first time Saki met up with Kanon after a long time. Everyone was calling her “Sensei” (translates to teacher/mentor). Saki says Kanon wrote amazing lyrics, and she wished she also had that talent.

Saki and Kanon had some interesting conversations, Saki thinks Kanon hasn’t changed.


01-29 saki's blog1

From Saki‘s blog – With Miyabi!

GNO (blog post) – Every Thursday, the show called GREEN ROOM has been updated and reborn to a new program called GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Miyabi is still the MC.

Captain mentions that GIRLS NIGHT OUT means “Girls Only Party” Captain thinks it’s a bit worrisome about the program information. The members will be going on location which wasn’t a corner until now. This week Country Girls’ members Yanagawa Nanami and Funaki Musubu explored Enoshima. Captain personally thinks Nanami didn’t have an atmosphere of a rookie. It’s a girl must-see!

Even if you’re a boy, Captain thinks you can still enjoy the program by watching the members enjoying themselves.

Regards to the new GNO! It’s a real girl power program!


Captain appeared on Mitsui Aika‘s blog too!

01-29 aika's blog1

From Aika‘s blog – Dinner Date with Saki!

Aika mentioned that she went out for food with Captain recently! It was late at night but she had a craving of JAPCHAE and they went to get some Samgyeosal!

Because Aika and Captain were wearing blue and red, their staff told them they looked like Guri and Gura (Mice characters from a Japanese children’s book written by Nakagawa Rieko and illustrated by Yamawaki Yuriko).

01-29 aika's blog2

From Aika‘s blog

01-29 aika's blog3

From Aika‘s blog

Bye bye!

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