Kanazawa Tomoko Diagnosed with Endometriosis.

Tomoko 04

From Tomoko‘s blog (01-09-2016)

It’s been announced the other day that Kanazawa Tomoko has been diagnosed with Endometriosis. Official statement from Hello! Project‘s site and translation by 910 percent‘s Facebook page.

Announcement regarding Kanazawa Tomoko

Thanks for cheering for Juice=Juice as always.
We have an announcement about Kanazwa Tomoko

She went to a doctor some times and has consulted doctors since last year.
Her condition was diagnosed as Endometriosis. Now she has started taking the medicines under the guidance of a doctor.

The reason of the disease is still medically unknown.
It has increased in young women these days.
10 percent of 10-40 age women is suffering from the disease.

Staff and Juice=Juice members will unite into one and support Kanazawa from now.

However, There are individual differences in the symptoms and pains
Now, owing to the medicine, she is suffering from sudden headache, vertigo, nausea.

Her activities will depend on her body condition.
We are worried that her symptoms may change suddenly.

We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.
We are sorry to have caused you anxiety.
We’ll work hard.

Please cheer for her Juice=Juice and Kanazawa Tomoko from now on too.

It’s quite sad to see a Hello! Pro member to be diagnosed with something that can be quite painful. Last year I personally suffered from really bad pelvic pains, my doctor hasn’t diagnosed with me with anything yet, but one of the conditions that could be causing them is Endometriosis, so I can really empathize with Tomoko right now.

All I can really do is hope Tomoko keeps working hard with Juice=Juice! I know how difficult it could be just to walk around the house so I hope she continues to take her medicine and that her symptoms ceases as time goes by.

I’ll definitely be sending lots of love to her!
Let’s continue to support Tomoko in her time of need!

tomoko 05

From Tomoko‘s blog (01-27-2016)

Bye bye!

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