Shimizu Saki (01-26-2016) – Berryz-chan!

01-26 saki's blog

From Saki‘s blog – With Maasa!

Berryz-chan (blog post) – Saki happened to talk to Chinami on the TV phone today! After talking to Chinami on the other side of the phone, Saki had a big smile today from beginning to end. The best thing was near the last moment of the phone call, Saki wished her good-luck and Chinami said “Thank you!!” which is in her nature. In the middle of their conversation they were using a lot of English, Saki is surprised to see how Chinami grown since their last phone call. Also, Chinami promised on their phone call to get good scores on her tests! Fight!

And! And! Saki met up with Maa-chan! When Saki was with Maasa, she accidentally said “Maa-chan, I’m too addicted to Osomatsu!” Since the raised tension in the Osomatsu’s story is pretty trendy these days. Indeed, they’re both anime lovers Saki exclaims.

Saki kinda regrets using that word that she issued that word to herself. She also wonders how many times she went “Look, Osomatsu’s!” in the 30 minutes she was talking with Maasa. But looking at them cheerfully gives her peace of mind. She wanted to talk lots with Maasa.

Saki still really loves Berryz-chan!


Maasa also talks about their meeting on her blog!

Though Maasa shares the same picture, she was very glad to meet up with Saki after a long time. They talk about Osomatsu, and it turns out Saki is also addicted to it too.

Bye bye!


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