Shimizu Saki (01-25-2016) – It’s also cold out today.

11-16 saki's blo

From Saki‘s blog (11-16-2016)

It’s also cold out today (blog post) – “Heavy snow in western Japan” she heard on the TV several times yesterday. Sometimes the snow lands hard down onto the ground and doesn’t just rain down. Since this snow is a bit unfamiliar there’s a chance of cars overturning, Saki advises everyone to drive with great care.

Yesterday night when she looked up at the sky while thinking “How cold” above the neighborhood convenience store, with no clouds, the stars seem to twinkle more than usual! There was a full moon! It glittered beautifully. Though it didn’t reflect very well on her phone screen so she wasn’t able to shoot any good photos. Instead of it being housed in a photo, she had this experience with her own eyes.

Saki wonders if everyone can see the nice stars where they live.

Bye bye!


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