Wada Ayaka (01-23-2016) – Edouard Manet

01-23 maho's blog

From Maho‘s blog

Ayacho appeared in Maho‘s photo!
Maho didn’t mention Ayaka at all, though she’s in the background of the picture.


HappyBirthday Manet (blog post) – Today is Ayaka’s most favorite painter Edouard Manet’s birthday!

She says her life hasn’t been the same since she seen Mr. Manet’s work. If she hadn’t stepped into the world of art, she thinks her life would become a thin casting. She’s very grateful to imitate his work!

Since next year is Ayaka’s fourth year in university her goal is to write a thesis on Mr. Manet.

She’s posting late at night but she mention’s that her radio show is broadcasting today! Ayaka wants to talk about many things that she wants to try and imitate! Last time she felt like she didn’t talk about being a coward so she wants to be more cautious with her air time.

There was a Hello concert in Osaka today and Ayaka thanks everyone who have came.

Since Ayaka cut her hair she says it feels extremely light, moving around with her shorthair made her feel a little dizzy but she hopes that doesn’t happen at the next concert!


New Radio show photo!

01-23 radio show

From Ayaka’s radio show twitter

She draws herself trying not cough!

Bye bye!


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