Wada Ayaka (01-22-2016) – Live photos + New Webshop items!

01-22 live1

ANGERME performing “Desugita Kui wa Utarenai”

Some new live photos from Hello! Project’s 2016 Winter concerts, reported by billboard Japan.

01-22 live2

ANGERME performing “Donden Gaeshi”

01-22 live4

ANGERME performing “Tomo yo”

01-22 live3

Wada Ayaka and Yajima Maimi performing “Thanks!”


Ayacho, along with the Hello! Pro leaders are featured on the front cover of Monthly Idol Newspaper (minus Yamagishi Riko). Juice=Juice is also on the back cover!

01-22 magazine

It’s release date was today during the evening, it’s available in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa in any major convince stores!

Sorry for low quality photo, I’ll try to find a better one later!


Yajima Maimi mentioned Ayaka and the photo shoot in her blog!

01-22 maimi's blog

From Maimi‘s blog

Maimi mentions the magazine shot with the other Hello! Pro leaders! She says the interview was about a party!


Iikubo Haruna also mentioned Ayaka in her blog as well!

01-22 haruna's blog1

From Haruna‘s blog

Haruna shares some pictures of her with Ayaka before she cut her hair, she says it doesn’t really matter though since you can’t really see her hair in the pictures.

01-22 haruna's blog2

From Haruna‘s blog


Lastly, a few new items are now available on the webshop!

01-22 webshop1

ANGERME 2L photos

01-22 webshop2

ANGERME Group Clearfile + 2L photo

01-22 webshop3

Wada Ayaka Solo Clearfile + 2L photo

Bye bye!

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