Wada Ayaka (01-21-2016) – Haircut!


From Ayaka‘s S/mileage blog (04/30/2011)

Seems to be good (blog post) – Ayacho says she cut her hair 10 centimeters, or maybe more. She says it seems to look shorter than when she had short hair.

She also mentions that there was a shooting today with all the members. It was brief but she was told it was all good. She realizes her hair feels a lot lighter when she’s dancing, she feels like a Vassar. She likes how her hair became easier to handle. Ayaka also informs us to look forward to Saturday and Sunday!

I’m not too sure how short her hair is now but I posted an older picture to kinda get a picture from when she had short hair!


Also, the official site for the Hina Festival is now up!
They also include links to buy tickets for the events!

01-21 hinafest1

Five out of nine ANGERME members are involved in the solo and shuffle units! Takeuchi Akari and 3rd generation aren’t involved this year but maybe win the lottery’s next year (*^^*)!!

Bye bye!

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