Wada Ayaka (01-19-2016) – Hina Fest!

01-19 hinafest1The annual lottery for solo’s and shuffle unit’s for this year’s Hina Festival is up on UP-FRONT‘s Official YouTube channel!

Ayaka actually ends up winning solo lottery for the evening of the 3/20 concert! Which is actually the main day for ℃-ute!

Ayaka says it’s her first time winning the solo since she would usually be in units in the previous year so she’s feeling a little nervous but she does however look forward to it!

In 2014 she was in Suzuki Kanon ni Peaberry wo Soete, and they sang Tanpopo’s “Tanpopo”

01-19 hinfest2
01-19 hinfest3I wonder what song she’ll choose to sing~

01-19 ayaka's blog

From Ayaka‘s blog – Her lottery ticket!

Hina Fest! (blog post) – Today Ayaka mentions that Maho-chan had an interview, and for them it was a first. Also, because Ayaka finished her work a little early today she was able to eat dinner with her father. She says it was pretty fun, her father is pretty quiet but she thinks it was interesting and truly the best.

Also, Ayaka mentions that the video for Hello! Project’s Hina Fest lottery draw has been uploaded! She will be singing a solo song in the evening performances on the last day, March 20th! She’s feeling pretty happy and extremely excited!

The annual lottery! Ayaka says that the margin of the paper is kinda see through, she was kinda convinced when she seen it and when she opened it! It was a solo! She was so happy!

Bye bye!

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