Wada Ayaka (01-18-2016) – Date with Haruna!

01-17 ayaka's blog

From Ayaka‘s blog – with 2nd Gen!

Nagoya (blog post) – Ayaka mentions that the Hello Concerts were in Nagoya for two days, and that it was a lot of fun! She says it was really fun and she’s recently has always been laughing. Ayaka thinks everyone should know that ANGERME is really fun! Though in this photo all nine of them aren’t in it.

Ayaka expresses that there was been a time where she felt terribly sad, and Takahashi Ai kindly sent her an e-mail, to come spend some time smiling and you will overcome your sadness, was one of the things she said to Ayaka. Ayaka says it was very nice.

Even a sad thing happened and once she got over it, Ayaka was able to spend time with everyone with her usual smile. When she’s having fun with everyone she can’t help but to smile herself. She’ll always remember the kind words from Ai-chan.


Ayaka is mentioned in Aika’s short report on UP-FRONT‘s official Facebook about Hello! Project’s winter concerts!

01-18 aika's report

From Aika‘s report – Aika with Ayaka, Akari, Rina, and Suzuki Kanon!

Aika visited ANGERME in their dressing room and also mentions that Ayaka and Akari were selected for the mixed shuffle unit.


01-18 ayaka's blog

From Ayaka‘s blog – With Haruna!

Harunan (blog post) – Ayaka mentions that there was heavy snow today and tomorrow Tokyo will most likely be frozen, she advances to be careful not to slip! Ayaka is happy when it snows. She really looks forward to go the amazing Hokkaido for their spring tour in February! From the cold in 2014, she now has gloves and boots so she can take advantage and play in the snow! She looks forward to the mess of the snowball fight! It’s something they must do!

Since the weather was calm in the afternoon, Ayaka went to lunch with Harunan (Iikubo Haruna), and of course they shared lots of stories! Though they’re both in different groups, they are the same age and Ayaka thinks it’s easy to talk to her~! So fun, so fun, so fun she exclaims! Ayaka also thanks Haruna! The next time she wants to be there for Haruna since it’s also so fun! Around February Haruna invited Ayaka to a cool thing and Ayaka of course said “I want to go!”


Haruna also blogs about her date with Ayacho!

01-18 Haruna's blog 1

From Haruna‘s blog – at a cafe!

Haruna says this picture is from the cafe they went to! They went to Gohanya-san (which is in Hokkaido) and there was a cafe upstairs!

Haruna mentions that they shown each other their photos in their phone and talked lots. The story of Kyoto, the many things they want to do, and them being the same age, they just generally talked lots! They also took a picture at a Purikura booth!

Haruna thinks that today was a good day to meet. Haruna is also thinking of another place where she would want to go for lunch with Ayacho!

01-18 Haruna's blog 2

From Haruna‘s blog – Purikura photo!

Bye bye!


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