Juice=Juice – Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan Janai (MV)

Next is you_02REB
One of the music video’s for Juice=Juice’s newest double-a side single has been uploaded onto their official YouTube channel, and today I’ll be doing a short review of Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan Janai!

Song: I’ve only listened to this song a few times now but I must say that I am really liking it a lot already! Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan Janai is definitely a perfect song for Juice=Juice since I think it’s a style of song that really suits them, and this song kind of reminds me of their indie releases. It’s kinda like Electric meets Jazz.

There’s some lines that really stick out to me and that I really like whenever they come around. Like “Ano ko wa” that Karin and I think Sayuki does, also I really like Akari’s “Makenai yo.” I think Akari and Yuka sound really good in this song and you can really hear how much they improved their vocals over the years! I’m feeling quite proud of them while listening to this song.

karada_02MV: I think the MV is actually pretty good, there is some pretty interesting scenes in this music video like the girls wearing ruby red lipstick, the girls putting on boxing gloves and hitting the training bag, also the scenes where the girls have big smiles on them were just too cute!

I really liked the boxing scenes since it was just too cute seeing the members pretending to fight, plus Tomoko and Yuka were smiling lots after they attacked. They weren’t exactly making they’re serious fighting convincing but they just too adorable that you can’t help but to smile.

karada_03Outfits / Dance: I kinda talked about the outfits before, but I do really like all the outfits quite a bit. Usually someone ends up with a bad coordination, even though each other differs with each other in small ways I think they all look pretty good on the girls. I think the outfits I like the best is Tomoko’s and Yuka’s! I just kinda like the skirt and sleeveless top look the most.

As for the dance, I think it’s okay, some moves didn’t really stick out to me and it’s a bit repetitive. I don’t think it’s anything spectacular and to be honest I think it’s missing a bit of a punch to it. Even the little dance battle they had was kinda of lame.

karada_01Overall: Overall I do really like this song quite a bit and I think it fits Juice=Juice style really well. I like listening to their songs where they have more of a worldly culture to it but I also really enjoying seeing them do something they made their own.

As of right now I think I would give this song a 7.7 / 10. It’s still quite early in the year so I don’t want to give them a real high mark so early in the releases.

Next is you_06LD
I’ve decided to do MV reviews as the MV’s come out now rather than waiting for all 2 or 3 of them to uploaded on their respected YouTube channels so I hope you guys come to like this new but little change (*^^*)!!

I hope this single is another successful one for Juice=Juice since their last single was able to reach #1 on the Oricon charts! I’ve already pre-ordered my copies, just regular A & B, and I’m quite curious to see what members I would get with the trading cards (^^)!

The release date is February 3rd!
If you like Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan Janai or even Next is you! Be sure to pre-order / buy your copies to help support Juice=Juice with their newest single!

Here are some links for the single:

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