Wada Ayaka (01-16-2016) – Radio Show + Rabbit hats!

01-16 radio show

From Ayaka‘s Radio Show’s Twitter

A new photo from Ayaka’s radio show twitter!
Ayacho draws the bowl that she dreamed about the other day!


Ayaka is mentioned on Iikubo Haruna‘s blog!

01-16 haruna's blog

From Haruna‘s blog

Haruna mentions that she enjoys going to Disney with her rabbit hat and wonders if her and Ayaka are gonna go again this year. Haruna also wonders if they should go to Disney Sea or Disneyland. Haruna shares this cute picture of Ayaka wearing the rabbit hat!


ANGERME has a new pen case available on the official webshop!


Also, part 2 pin-up posters for Hello! Project’s 2016 Winter concert tour is now available on e-Line UP!

They’re available until March 22nd so get them while they last!


Lastly, the dates for this year’s Hinafest has been announced! There’s for shows, 2 shows on March 19th and 2 shows on March 20th. The venue is again the Pacifico Yokohama! There is more information here on Hello! Project‘s homepage!

ANGERME will be performing during day on the 20th, Kobushi Factory will also be sharing that time slot with ANGERME.

Shuffle units will most likely be formed within a few weeks so please stay tuned for those!

Here is last years shuffle video!

2015 hinafest

Bye bye!


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