Shimizu Saki (01-16-2016) – Shopping with Miyabi!

01-16 saki's blog

From Saki‘s blog

Miyabi-chan (blog post) – Miyabi invited Saki to go with her in today’s Rosarymoon sample sale! Before they went, Miyabi said “I think Saki is my favorite!” and Saki says it was pretty cute! Saki mentions that she hasn’t went shopping recently since she feels a little tense while looking at new clothes. She’s always “I want that! This too!” Saki just wants everything!

They talked about their cute coat gets from the clothing store! Saki thanks the other girls who joined her and Miyabi, Airi and Rina. She also says Thank you Berry Berry to Miyabi!


Miyabi also mentioned this shopping trip on her Instagram.

01-16 miya's instagram

From Miyabi‘s Instagram

Miyabi mentions her trip to the rosary moon’s sample sale today! She was happy to meet with Saki again after such a long time!

Bye bye!


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