Wada Ayaka (01-15-2016) – Feeling good!

08-16 meimi's blog

From Meimi‘s blog (08-16-2015)

Feeling good! (Ayaka’s blog post) – Ayacho mentions that it has been pretty cold today. She was bedridden today since a few days her physical condition has been a bit poor. She has becoming more healthier little by little since yesterday and now she’s able to eat again! Today she’s feeling quite healthy!

She has been just sleeping and staying in her room. She moved a bit today since she wanted to go see a movie! She’s feeling much more healthy now!

Ayaka hopes that everyone will be taking care of their own physical conditions since it’s been quite cold these days!

Since ANGERME’s live tour is starting soon and tickets are going to be available on the 16th, Ayaka shares some of the upcoming dates!

2/7 (Sun) – Takasaki club FLEEZ (Gunma)
2/13 (Sat) – Saga GEILS (Saga)
2/14 (Sun) – Fukuoka DRUM Be-1 (Fukuoka)

Ayaka recommends the live house performances since they’re a regular place for ANGERME, and they’re quite accustomed to them!

Bye bye!


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