Shimizu Saki (01-15-2016) – Lunch Date!

01-15 saki's blog1

From Saki‘s blog – With Maimai!

lunch (blog post) – Today Saki went out for lunch with her favorite pair! Saki says it was a real relaxing and laid-back time!

01-15 saki's blog2

From Saki‘s blog – Mitsui!


01-15 aika's blog1

From Aika‘s blog – With Captain and Maimai!

Lunch (blog post) – Aika mentions her lunch date with Saki and Mai! She really loves them and says their date was quite peaceful!

Aika also mentions that she seen Saki’s post on her blog where she talked about Aika and wished her a happy birthday. Aika expresses that Saki listens to her stories quite intently though Aika thinks her stories are boring. Aika says Saki is very easy to talk to and Aika feels like her shoulders become lighter after talking with Saki, it’s the power of Saki. Aika is always grateful for Saki and she wants to have a sleepover with her!

Aika says Saki and Mai are the best pink combo! She just loves them!

01-15 aika's blog2

From Aika‘s blog

01-15 aika's blog3

From Aika‘s blog

01-15 aika's blog4

From Aika‘s blog


01-15 aika's blog6

From Aika‘s blog – Yesterday (01-14-2016)

my happiness (blog post) – Almost forgot about this post but Aika had a little party with some of the staff for her birthday yesterday. Aika got a gift, along with Saki since her birthday was on 11/22 and Berry Koubou’s 12th anniversary, Mai also got one for her birthday on 2/7 even though there’s quite a difference until her birthday.

01-15 aika's blog7

From Aika‘s blog

Bye bye!


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