5 New Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Members!


It has been announced earlier today that there is five new members in the Hello Pro Kenshuusei program!

Now, there’s not too much information on the new girls just yet but I’ll share what I found on them so far and I might update this post when I find out more (*^^*)!

・Noguchi Kurumi (Hometown: Osaka)
・Ono Kotomi (Birthday: 10/07/02 | Age: 13 | Hometown: Tokyo)
・Kodama Sakiko (Birthday: 03/29/03 | Age: 12 | Hometown: Mie)
・Yonemura Kirara
・Kiyono Momohime (Birthday: 12/22/04 | Age: 11 | Hometown: Tokyo)

Their profiles also hasn’t been up yet on Hello! Project’s official site, but thankful Tsubaki Factory’s Niinuma Kisora uploaded pictures of her with the new girls!

Noguchi Kurumi

Kiosra with Noguchi Kurumi

Ono Kotomi

Kisora with Ono Kotomi

Kodama Sakiko

Kisora with Kodama Sakiko

Yonemura Kirara

Kisora with Yonemura Kirara

Kiyono Momohime

Kisora with Kiyono Momohime

I find that Kurumi looks quite a bit like former ℃-ute member Umeda Erika, and Kotomi looks like Kobushi Factory’s Wada Sakurako. So far and from what I can see in these pictures these are my impressions and those are the two girls that stick out the most to me, but I guess I’ll have to see how they do in the program to figure if I come to really like any of these new girls.


Lastly, I’m not sure if you guys have noticed but I changed the theme of this blog to make it a bit easier to look through my translations and got rid of the infinite scroll! Hope you guys like it and let me know if you do (^^)!

I’ll also be posting later with the daily translations of Captain’s and Dawa’s blogs and activities, so please look forward to those!

Bye bye!

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