Shimizu Saki (01-14-2016) – Berryz Koubou’s 12th Anniversary!

01-14 chinami's instagram

From Chinami‘s Instagram

Chinami mentions that it’s the 12th anniversary since Berryz Koubou’s been founded! Occasionally she gets in contact with everyone!


01-14 saki's blog

From Saki‘s blog

January 14th (blog post) – Like Chinami, Captain mentions that today is Berryz Koubou’s 12th anniversary from the day they were formed!

She congradulates all the members, and everyone who have been cheering them on! She’s very thankful!

01-14 saki's blog2

From Saki‘s blog


01-14 yurina's blog1

From Yurina‘s blog

Berryz Koubou (blog post) – Yurina actually wishes a “Happy Birthday” to Berryz Koubou! She’s happy to have met such nice colleagues! It’s one of her life treasures.

01-14 yurina's blog2

From Yurina‘s blog


01-14 maasa's blog

From Maasa‘s blog

12 years (blog post) – Maasa also mentions Berryz Koubou’s anniversary but all she says is that she loves them!


Lastly, Captain appeared in this week’s GREEN ROOM!

01-14 green room

Just a quick little segment where her and an instructor talk about the members of Hello Pro Kenshuusei!

Bye bye!

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