Wada Ayaka (01-13-2016) – Two-shot with Maimi!

01-13 maimi's blog

From Maimi‘s blog – With Ayaka!

After a few days, Ayaka has finally appeared in some of the H!P members blogs! She first appears on Yajima Maimi‘s blog!

Maimi just hopes you guys will check out the new episode of Haro Sute! |
She only posts this picture of her and Ayaka together, but doesn’t really say much about Dawa.


01-13 meimi's blog 1

From Meimi‘s blog – Ayaka with 2nd Gen!

Meimi mentions that when these five people are together the laughing never ends! When they’re together like this and touring in all 47 prefectures in Japan within these past five years, they’ve become like sisters.

01-13 meimi's blog 2

From Meimi‘s blog


There is also two new Ayaka cards for Hello Pro Tap posted from their Twitter!

01-11 new card

SSR Card – Suki-chan

01-11 new card2

SR Card – Yattaruchan

I really like the detail in these cards and they look like her quite a bit! There is also a few other S/mileage member cards in the Yattaruchan outfit so check them out if you like!


Also, there’s a few DVD where ANGERME and Juice=Juice are featured available to order on e-Line UP!

I’m not too sure what the true content of this DVD is, but it looks to be the members re-acting scenes from their plays from last year.

01-13 dvd1


Lastly, ANGERME’s newest pocket morning has been posted on Hello! Online‘s homepage!

01-13 pocket morningI wasn’t too sure on what Jojoba oil was, but apparently it’s good to use as a make-up remover or facial cleanser and moisturizer. There’s other good uses for it too but I’m gonna assume Ayacho uses it for those reasons since Japanese girls are all about facial cleansers and masks. Ayaka must really like it too since it makes her think “I’m glad I bought this!”

Bye bye!

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